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If you thought that the Kinect was cool then hold on to your hats while you read what the Kinect 2 is expected to do. Microsoft’s add-on accessory for the Xbox 360 is supposed to be able to get so good at what it already does that it shall be able to read lips as  [ Read More ]

Modern Warfare 3

Launched a few weeks back were some amazing ear buds that escaped our attention. Strong believers in better late then never, we decided to feature these ear buds anyway. These special edition ear-buds have been specifically designed for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The best part easily being the fact that they are shaped  [ Read More ]


Its the classic question that every teenager / university student who has not yet moved out is bound to be asked by his or her parents. We decided to look into plausible answers and this is what our research threw up. Secret Hint: Hop on to an online bingo site to get results.

Space Invaders Card Deck

On September - 24 - 2011 1 Comment
Space Invaders

Just so that you know we are not biased towards latest releases and consoles ALL of the time , and we do love our fair share of retro games as well – we present the space Invaders Card Deck. Any person who claims to be a video game fan does not pass the basic hurdle  [ Read More ]

Ni no kuni Playstation 3

The Star Wars edition of the Xbox may keep getting delayed ; but at least Sony still manages to keep us entertained with new colors and character themed consoles – all of which it claims to be limited edition of course.

Sonic Guitar

Sonic the Hedgehog turned 20 recently – its true, the blue hedgehog who can put an acrobat to shame is now um 140 (in dog years, we have no clue what the conversion rates are for hedgehogs, much less for blue colored ones that can talk).

Gunnar Optiks Modern Warfare 3 Branded Glasses

Gunnar Optiks has produced a pair of eye glasses that are sure to impress any serious gamer. Actually lets replace the ‘gamer’ part with any guy who loves his gadgets.

Call Of Duty Edition Jeep Wrangler

As a result of a tie-up between Activision Publishing and Jeep, a cool new Call of Duty edition is about to be released. The timing is important since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is expected to be released later this year on November 3.

Uncharted 3

Uncharted 3 fans are going to love this one. Even though it does mean that they will need to hitch a ride to Japan if they want to get their paws on this controller. The dual shock 3 controller (for the Playstation) shall be bundled along with the game for those who prefer it to  [ Read More ]

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While playing video games is usually thought of as a leisurely activity, no one said that you could not tie in some business with pleasure.

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